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If you want to trade Forex successfully you have two possible ways of accomplishing this: learn how to do it yourself or have somebody do it for you. Forex International Trading Corp

Learning how to make money trading Forex

This approach has the advantage of you being in control and actually knowing what you're doing. The disadvantage of this approach is that you have to be involved and spend some time and money to learn how to trade successfully. To be prepared for live trading currencies you will need at least 3 months of training and 3-9 months of demo and micro- or mini-account trading before you can start trading live with your money. You can start learning the basics using some free resources that you can find on the net, e.g. at or the Forex Factory websites but if you want to trade Forex successfully, eventually you will need to take a course on Forex trading.

Some may think that this is too much work and too much effort, but when you think about it 8 or 12 months is a very short period of time, when compared to how long it takes and how much money you spend on your education in many other occupations. Take a look at the following table, which lists some of the more "prestigious" and higher-paying jobs and compares them to your Forex day trader "job":

OccupationAvg. earnings year 1Avg. earnings year 5TrainingcostTraining Duration

Doctor $110,000   $140,000   $300,000 16 years (4 yrs college, 4 yrs med school, 8 years residency)

Lawyer $50,000 $80,000     $160,000 7 years (4 yrs college, 4 yrs law school)

Programmer   $35,000 $65,000 $130,000 6 years (4 yrs undergrad, 4 yrs optional post-grad)

Now let us compare these figures with what a Forex trader can earn a year and how long it takes to become one... Forex International Trading Corp

Assuming you will spend 1 year on your training and demo and mini-account trading before you start trading live standard accounts and that your initial deposit will be $10,000, your education costs are as follows:

$500 - spent on Online Forex Courses

$200 - Trading Software (if you want to use automation, otherwise $0)

$200 - Books or financial magazines subscription

$500 - 1 "blown" mini account. In other words we are assuming that you will start your trading on a mini, with a deposit of $500 and will completely destroy this account during your training (which in fact is virtually impossible, because even in the worst case scenario, where you open bad trades one after another you will still get back the margin portion of your account). At any rate - consider this $500 dollar account part of your tuition, the price of learning a new skill and don't cry over it. When you learn how to trade Forex successfully you will be making this kind of money in one afternoon! :-)

$100 - Misc. expenses - money spent on magazine subscriptions, e-Books, etc.



The above assumptions are more than realistic. As a matter of fact it is quite possible that you will be able to complete your training phase way earlier and that you will spend, say, $300 on online Forex courses instead of $500, and that you will not lose your $500 mini- or micro-account but will successfully make $50 or $100 dollars in profits with it! However, I'd rather you assume the worst and be pleasantly surprised than the other way around! Forex International Trading Corp

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Forex International Trading Corp - Trade Forex Successfully

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This article was published on 2010/09/20